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The Towne Mall: 1704 N. Dixie Ave - Elizabethtown, Kentucky 270.234.9316

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Toy Planet an out of this world collecting experience. No matter what your age or collection,

we feel that at Toy Planet you will be satisfied with your shopping experience.

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Stop in and see it and check out our fully stocked supply of Transformers, Five Nights At Freddy's, Masters of the Universe, Power Rangers, Jurassic World, DC, Marvel, Disney, Pokemon, MiniBrands and MUCH MORE!

Monday - Thursday   11:00 - 7:00

Friday - Saturday       11:00 - 8:00

                 Sunday                 12:00 - 6:00           

Masters of the Universe Origins figures were debut this past weeked at Power-Con. Click the images below to see the latest additions to MOTU Origins and much more.

Don't forget Wave 1 is showing up at your local Wal-Mart!

Happy Hunting!

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McFarlane Toys Announces

The Princess Bride License

McFarlane Toys has announced they will be doing figures based on the classic The Princess Bride movie starting in 2021.

Mythic Legions: Shadow Equaddron by

The Four Horsemen

Mythic Legions, by the award winning Four Horsemen Studios, is an expansive fantasy world of action figures that continues to grow. Set in the land of Mythos, these figures are highly articulated and stand in the 6-inch scale.

This Ogre-scaled Shadow Equaddron figure (about 9 inches tall!) comes packaged in a collector friendly blister card with character-specific details and duel-wielding battle axes.

Hurdling into the fray right when it seems as if the light will prevail, an explosion of crushing hooves and smashing blades announces the dreaded arrival of the towering bipedal warhorse, known only as the fearsome Shadow Equaddron!

With a violent and blinding fury that seems mismatched to his intimidating mass, Shadow Equaddron—armed with his dual four-bladed maces—single-handedly turns the tide of war in favor of his dark allies before once again skulking off into the darkness to await another time of bloodthirsty battle. You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor

Jungle Boogie!